Served the CRAZIEST old woman last night at work, only to find out later on that she went to shambhala so I sat and talked to her for an hour just reminiscing and it was perfect

I MISS SHAMBHALA SO MUCH OH MA GOD I AM SO MAD I DIDN’T GO LAST YEAR. Last year I bailed because I thought I wouldn’t like it and it seemed too over-hyped by everyone I talked too, but now…. NOW I understand. Oh ma god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there’s always that one bartender at work who you get along super well with and they are hella cool and then they just god damn quit and everything turns to chaos

Looking forward to the most perfect weekend with my baby! I feel so happy and independent. He’s at a music festival with his friend, I’ve been working, and tomorrow we are reunited with our friends we met in vegas for an event, fully prepared to dance the night away crazily and then have a romantic evening in at our hotel <3 I’m so giddy!

I honestly miss shambhala so much it brings me to tears.

I get goosebumps thinking back to it. EVERYONE needs to experience it. I cannot put into words how unbelievably breath-taking and eye opening it has been for me.

Never stop smiling. Never stop loving. I felt so eurphoric and free, like wanting to reach up and grab the sun.


I think in a few weeks or so after delving into the interwebs, I am going to post a top 20 list of songs that make me happy. I used to listen to sad, sad songs all the time and I realized how much it impacted my mood. I need music that uplifts and elevates me. I’ve spent too much time being sad and upset over things I cannot change. “In life if you do everything you POSSIBLY can, you have a shot at a silver lining.” I really want to follow this. There is so much to be grateful for, and I have spent too much time harping on negative moments and small thinks that have irked me. I don’t need that. that doesn’t bennifit me in any way shape, or form. After coming home from shambhala it’s made me a much more open, happier, more accepting person. I almost forgot for a while when I got frazzled one day, and my boyfriend had to hold me and remind me not to judge someone based off their choices. I am so thankful to have him in my life. Things with us have never been 100% perfect, nor will they ever be. We disagree. We argue from time to time. We drive eachother absolutely bonkers. We are HUMAN. But knowing at the end of the day I have someone who not only reminds me to be a better person, but also challenges me to break outside my comfort zone and take risks, is something worth holding onto. I love him with all my heart and soul, and even down the road if things go horribly horribly, wrong, I was lucky enough to take a chance, have an experience, learn lessons, and fall in love with my best friend. :)


i hate being a girl.

  • we get our period monthly and it hurts and it makes us feel uneasy. 
  • we get sore after sex while guys dont
  • when we’re pregnant we’ll be suffering for 9 MONTHS 
  • we need loads of clothes
  • we need shoes
  • bags
  • make up stuff
  • nail polish
  • hair!!!!
  • IM MAD!!!

I’ve become SO good at applying eyeliner in moving vehicles. It truly is a talent. I can’t remember the last time I applied eyeliner at home.

We are seeing Nervo this Sunday and I am SO EXCITED to dance and get crazy with my baby! ❤ We are totally one of those rave couples hahaha